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Spatial Audio October

Date: October 12
Time: 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
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Spatial Audio Meetup

Meeting ID: 926 0674 7841

Link: https://zoom.us/j/92606747841

Time: All meetups start at 7pm GMT+1 (Oslo time)

Dates: 14-09-20, 12-10-20, 09-11-20, 07-12-20

A virtual meetup for people interested in spatial audio, hosted by the Norwegian composer Trond Lossius.

At this meetup we share ideas, techniques, help and experiences in using different kinds of spatial audio technology to create art.

If you are interested in spatial audio, then plase do consider joining and if you do, consider sharing something (it is perfectly allowed to be a silent spectator if you do not feel like speaking).

What could that “something” you are supposed to share be ?

It could be one of the following:

* A question
* An idea
* A piece
* A work in progress
* Research
* A nice workflow trick for working with a particular piece of software
* Custom software projects for spatial audio of all kinds
* A recording or gear tip

Anything really, as long as it pertains to the subject of spatial audio.

The working language of the meetup is English and of it is free and open to anyone.

The dates for the fall season of 2020 are:

All meetups start at 7PM GMT+2/UTC+2/Oslo time.

Trond Lossius (b. 1966) is a sound and installation artist based in Bergen, Norway. His projects investigate sound, place and space, using sound spatialisation and multichannel audio as an invisible and temporal sculptural medium in works engaging with the site. He is also an avid ?eld recorder, mostly preoccupied with the soundscapes of the suburb, recorded using ambisonic surround microphones. He ?nds that such recordings capture a sense of place rather than sound.

More info: http://www.trondlossius.no/pages/bio

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