Jitter course

Photo: Mads Kjeldgaard

This autumn Notam is starting a completely new focus on interactive use of video and graphics with the course “Programming, Sound and Image in Max”.  This will be useful for people working with, for example, visual arts, video, interaction design, audio engineering, music and composition.

The course is getting full but there are still some vacancies. Deadline for registration is September 16th. All information on the course can be found here.

About Jitter

Jitter is the part of the software Max that deals with graphics and video. In Jitter, you can work with such techniques as for instance video, image analysis, 3D-graphics and virtual reality. Jitter is a comprehensive programming tool for working with visuals. If you have an idea for a visual work, there is a high probability that it can be realized in Jitter.

Max/Jitter is not the only software making it possible to work with video and graphics in this way. The combination PD/GEM (Graphics Environment for Multimedia) is very similar to Max and Jitter. The software vvvv (free software) and Vdmx, are also closely related to Max. There are also text based solutions for multimedia such as Processing. In the same way as in similar audio software, all code in Processing are written in text.


The tutor for the Jitter part of the course is Piotr Pajchel. Piotr Pajchel is a video based visual artist who graduated from The Norwegian National Academy of Arts in Oslo. Piotr’s work with real-time video is used in installations, performances and live jams. He has participated in many exhibitions nationally and internationally since 2001. He was responsible for the video work in the artist collective Verdensteatret between 2003 and 2019. Piotr has used Max since 1999. Photo: Jørgen Sørheim