Lecture 4

Control assignment for the tutorial Parsing

This exercise is mainly concerned with the objects midiparse and midiformat, which are useful all-in-one objects for processing of MIDI-data. Because of the nature of these objects, this tutorial will have less practical assignments than usual. It is nevertheless important to understand these objects since they may be useful in dealing with complex MIDI setups.

Go through the tutorial Parsing and the corresponding tutorial patch. If any of the objects seem unclear to you, go back and repeat until you have a good understanding. If the function of an object is unclear, read the reference or help file for the object.

Work through the different parts of the patch and make sure that you have a good grasp of how all the parts work. When ready, proceed to the assignment.

Assignment 23

In this exercise we have, among other things, used the objects midiparsemidiformatmidiin and midiout. Use these objects to create a simple patch where you can play notes from a MIDI-keyboard. In this patch you must also be able to use the pitch bend wheel to “bend” the notes in the ordinary way. Midi note number, velocity and pitch bend values should be displayed with sliders.

Objects introduced in this tutorial: