Anders Førisdal – Galaxe

Guitar: Anders Førisdal
Percussion: Eirik Raude, Håkon Stene
Composers: Bjørn Fongaard, Brian Fernethough, Øyvind Torvund, Ole-Henrik Moe
Sound technician: Cato Langnes
record company: Grappa/Aurora


Guitarist Anders Førisdal produced his critically acclaimed album Galaxe in Notams studios, in collaboration with Cato Langnes. The double album takes on a unique chapter in Norwegian music history: Bjørn Fongaard’s guitar music. The composer Bjørn Fongaard’s works have achieved an unique position in the international contemporary music environment. With quarter-tone scales and esoteric playing techniques on electric guitar, his music has fascinated composers and practitioners outside its country’s borders. The guitarist Anders Førisdal has been immersed in the composer’s experimental playing techniques and cryptic notation for several years, releasing what is the very first interpretation of Fongaard’s unusual scores. Examples of items used to play and prepare the guitar are small violin bow, straws, sponges, plastic sheets, metal rods and a felt plectrum. Brian Ferneyhough, Øyvind Torvund and Ole-Henrik Moe jr. contributes to the record with newly written homage pieces to the composer. The album was nominated for the Spellemannsprisen in the contemporary music category.

The album got some attention:

«Den galaktiske kosekroken» [Martin Bjørnersen/Klassekampen]

«Du hører én tone – og vet at denne musikken vil følge deg resten av livet.» [Lars Mørch Finborud / Morgenbladet]




Monday 16th of March Grappa invited to record release at Notam 7:30. Anders Førisdal and Cato Langnes played music from the record and spoke about their experiences from their trip to Fongaard’s scores.

Cover design: Martin Kvamme