Workshops for advanced users

When: 2017–2020
Where: Oslo (Notam) and Bergen (BEK)
Producers: Bergen center for electronic art and Notam
Supported by: Arts Council Norway

Notam and BEK will arrange a series of workshops intended for advanced users from 2017 to 2020. The workshops will be technical in nature, and the participants are therefore required to possess basic skills in programming (especially in Max) and signal processing. The workshops will be held in English, and will be arranged alternately in Oslo and Bergen. There is a limited amount of seats and highly qualified participants will therefore be prioritized.

Background on the workshop series

Notam and BEK are centers for innovation and use of technology in music and the arts in Norway. We have a wide international network which includes leading figures within music technology, sound design and audiovisual technology. Both Notam and BEK have education as a core focus, and strive to establish new goals and provide new impulses for current music technologists and artists. The series of workshops will progress with subjects such as Ambisonics, wave-field synthesis, advanced microphone techniques, headphones and immersive sound, Jitter, Gen, HISS tools, Gen and Owl, machine learning and filter design.

Completed and upcoming workshops:

Part 1: Thibaut Carpentier on Spat 13. – 17th of November 2017

Part 2: Curtis Roads on Microsound 12. – 14th of December 2017

Part 3: Thresholds of the Algorithmic 8. – 17th of June 2018

Part 4: Reality-based Audio with Ernst Karel 20. – 24th of August 2018