Immersive sound residency


Nordic Culture Point

This program is supported by Nordic Culture Point. It focuses on multichannel works for surround sound and is aimed at composers and sound artists based in the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Faroe Islands, Greenland, Iceland, Sweden and Aland) and in the Baltic states (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania). The stay can last up to two months, travel and accommodation costs are covered and we offer salary depending on length of stay, maximum NOK 20,000 for two months. In addition, office space, expanded access to Studio 3, our 24-channel studio for surround sound and help from our technicians is offered.

Read about and apply for next round here. Deadline is November 1, 2018.

About Notam and Studio 3
Notam is a resource for innovative use of technology in music and art. Since our founding in 1992, Notam has been an important driving force for the experimental contemporary music scene in Norway. We have got several studios for composers with a focus on experimental techniques. We also have several project rooms for multimedia and artistic development and a dedicated staff of sound engineers, programmers and electronics specialists.

Studio 3 is a 24-channel studio for surround sound. The speakers form a dome covering 30 square meters in a room with high acoustic standards. Speaker configuration supports multiple formats, up to third order 3D ambisonics. The studio is the only of its kind in Norway and makes it possible for us to improve support to artists, composers and other experts who work with immersive sound. Notam aims to cultivate new artistic expression in a variety of genres in which this type of technology plays an increasingly important role.
We are interested in cultivating a new generation of composers and sound artists who are willing to experiment and push the development of various immersive audio formats. The age group 25-40 will be given priority, but it does not exclude other age groups, especially if the applicant has an enviable track record in composition and/or performance of multichannel works of high quality. Applicants should have experience in composing for more channels. During the review of applications, emphasis is placed on both the artistic and technical issues, with emphasis on the value of the artistic project.

What we can offer:

  • Travel costs to and from Oslo (not in Oslo during the stay)
  • residence for up to two months
  • Fee, up to NOK 20 000
  • Studio, office and technical staff

Our other facilities

  • 2 stereo/ 5.1 studio control room
  • recording room
  • 1 project room for pre-production and experimentation
  • 1 meeting room
  • A main multifunctional section for presentations, workshops, meetups, hacking labs, small concerts, parties, etc.

Our staff

Full Time:

  • Director
  • Studio manager and technician
  • Programmer and developer
  • Researcherpart time:
  • Educational coordinator
  • Programmer
  • Electronics Specialists
  • Communications
  • Accountant

Application contains

      • Name
      • Address
      • Nationality
      • Birth
      • Desired period (must be completed by the end of 2017)
      • Project title
      • Short summary of the project (max 875 characters incl. Spaces, approximately 1/4 A4 page)
      • Full project description (maximum 3,500 characters incl. Spaces, about one A4 page)
      • Artistic bio/CV (max. 1750 characters incl. Spaces, approximately 1/2 A4 page)


  • Link to website (homepage)
  • Link to video (youtube/vimeo)

In addition, it is mandatory with the following attachments (not via email, see below):

  • CV (only PDF)
  • Music examples (MP3 only, max 4 files, and up to 10 MB total)

Optional attachments:

  • Photos (only JPG or PNG, max 2MB)

Application deadline for next round is 1st of April

Illustration: Screenshot of MNTN plugin