Åpning av nye Notam: Urfremføring av «PEOPLE» av Koka Nikoladze

Fredag 19.04.2024 blir det urfremføring av et helt nytt audiovisuelt verk av Koka Nikoladze med Nordic Voices her på Notam!

Konsertstart: 21:00 

This text is NOT written by a chatbot. It’s written by a human — by Koka.

Does it matter?

In the fragmented world amid the rise of generative art, staring into the potential of being distilled into an eternal digital essence and living on the cloud, I’m inclined to compose by hand. Note by note, frame by frame, simple idea by simple idea. I seek human connection and rediscover the human voice. Imperfect! -just like mine.

«PEOPLE» is an audiovisual piece with Nordic Voices and some of my dear friends who found the time to show up at the recording session.