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Online Meetup for Artists in Technology

Dato: mai 11, 2023
Tid 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Online meetup for artists in technology
Meeting ID: 928 9244 5350


This meetup is a forum for women, non-binary and transgender artists working with technology to share their artistic processes, inspiration and projects with each other.
With this, we aim to create a safe and encouraging forum for folks working (or wanting to work) in the field of art and technology to meet and network.
These meetings consist of short presentations of artistic projects by artists mixed with informal discussions.
Everyone is welcome to join


If you feel like presenting your work (or work in progress), please send an email to including:

1. A title for your presentation

2. A short description of your presentation

3. A short bio about yourself 4. A link to your website or social media profile, if you prefer It could be multimedia work, film work, composition or programming, you name it - at this meetup, please send an email to including a short description of what you would like to present.


This meetup is hosted by Mariam Gviniashvili and Jenny Berger Myhre.

Mariam Gviniashvili is an Oslo-based composer and sound artist originally from the country of Georgia. Her current focus is on multichannel electronics and investigating the role of spatiality in composition. Her artistic practice extends to audiovisual and interactive sound-art works, live improvisation as well as collaboration with performers. Mariam completed Master’s studies in acoustic composition at Tbilisi State Conservatoire (TSC), one year of music production studies at Norwegian Academy of Music (NMH) and one year of electroacoustic music composition at the Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest (LFZE) under Andrea Szigetvári. She acquired a second Master's degree in Music Performance Technology and Electroacoustic Composition at the Norwegian Academy of Music in 2020 under prof. Natasha Barrett. Mariam has worked in residence in the studios of EMS (Stockholm, Sweden), EMPAC (New York, US) and The Cube, Virginia Tech (Virginia, US). Her music has been presented internationally at concerts and festivals, including New-York Electroacoustic Music Festival, CIME/ICEM, Transitions concert series at CCRMA, ICMC 2018, Cube Fest 2019, Mixtur festival, Kling Gut 2020 and Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival, among others.

Jenny is a multidisciplinary artist working with sound, video and photography. Her work explores and exposes the personal in an honest and curious manner. Coming from the DIY scene in Oslo, Jenny's approach to music making is versatile and open, with an apparent love for the unpolished - referencing the electro-acoustic music tradition as well as experimental pop. She has a BA in Musicology from the University of Oslo and Goldsmiths College in London, as well as a year in Live Electronics from the Norwegian Academy of Music. In 2019 she premiered the commissioned piece Notas y Notas y Notas... created for Borealis - en festival for eksperimentell musikk, in collaboration with video artist Manuela de Laborde. The piece was developed during a residency in Mexico City and was shown in its early stage at El Nicho festival in 2018, before its world premiere at Borealis in March 2019. In 2015 Jenny directed her first music video, and have since then worked with Jenny Hval, Håvard Volden, Broen, Girl, Monkey Plot, Mats Eilertsen and Jo David Meyer Lysne, among others. In 2019 she worked extensively with Jenny Hval for the new multi-disciplinary piece "The Practice of Love", following Hval's release of the album with the same name. The piece was performed at Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival, Le Centre Pompidou Paris, Le Guess Who?, HAU Berlin, Ars Cameralis Katowice, among others.


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