Studio 1 – Recording studio

Photo: Astrid Midtbø

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Our largest studio where most of the demanding projects are produced. Studio 1 is suitable for recording, mixing and mastering, and monitoring may be done in stereo and 5.1 surround. The studio is directly patched to the adjacent recording room.

  • Hardware: Mac Pro (current model) with Avid HD I/O Native audio interface.
  • Software: ProTools 12, Reaper, Max, HOFA, Altiverb, Waves Platinium, Melodyne, Izotope, DMG Audio, GRM.
  • Monitoring: Genelec 1038 (stereo), Dynaudio Air 6 (5.1), Studiocomm monitor controller.
  • Other: Grace Design m802 microphone pre amp, Tube Tech LCA 2A compressor, Tube-Tech SSA 2B summing amplifier, Focusrite ISA 430 mk2 microphone pre amp, Behringer Ultragain Pro 8 ADAT Converter, Behringer Powerplay Pro XL headphone amplifier.

Studio time without a technician requires the appropriate studio skills. Send an email for questions and requests regarding booking.

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