Studio 2

Photo: Åsa Maria Mikkelsen

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Studio 2 is under construction but will be our studio for visual work (video, graphics, 3D, etc.) with a setup suitable for most workflows in these areas, including an audio setup for recording, mixing and mastering, has monitoring for stereo and 5.1 surround and is patched to the adjacent recording room.

  • Hardware: Mac Pro with Avid 192 I/O audio interface.
  • Software: ProTools 10), Reaper, Max, HOFA, Altiverb, Waves Platinium, Melodyne, Izotope, DMG Audio, GRM.
  • Monitoring: Genelec 1030 (stereo), Genelec 8020/1090A (5.1), Studiocomm monitor controller.
  • Other: Grace Design m802 microphone pre amp, Tube Tech LCA 2A compressor,  Behringer Powerplay Pro XL headphone amplifier.

Studio time without a technician requires the appropriate studio skills. Send an email for questions and requests regarding booking.

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