Notam’s lokaler på Menighetsfakultet på universitetet i Oslo på 90-tallet.

To use a room at Notam, you need to first make a booking.

This is done by filling out the form below. Once you’ve submitted the form, an email is sent to the person in charge of bookings with your request as well as a seperate email containing information for our annual report and for social media.

Room availability

See below for availability of the room you would like to use:

Room Description Availability
Studio 1 Recording studio Click here
Studio 2 Video / visual studio Click here
Studio 3 Spatial audio studio Click here
Recording room Vocal and instrumental room Click here
Open office Work space open to everyone Click here
Electronics lab Electronics tinkering and 3D printing Click here
Wood / metal workshop Wood work, metal work and power tools. Click here

Booking request form