Studio 3 – Speaker dome studio

Photo: Åsa Maria Mikkelsen

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Studio for spatial audio, equipped with 24 speakers in a hemisphere. The speakers are evenly distributed at a distance of approximately 2.0 meters from the listening position. The room is designed and built according to strict acoustic demands. The modular walls are tuned with movable absorbants and reflectors, resulting in an even frequency response. Studio 3 is suitable for working with techniques such as ambisonics and VBAP.

  • KEF LS-50 (channels)
  • Sonible D:24 amplifier
  • Ferrofish A/D converter

Studio time without a technician requires the appropriate studio skills. Send an email for questions and requests regarding booking.

Note: The workflow in studio 3 is slightly different than in the other studios, in that in this studio you plug in your own computer to the sound interface.

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An important condition for using the studio is that you fill out this form about your work. The results of the form are used for statistics for our yearly report and for social media posts.