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Mekkeklubben is an electronics tinkering club for “all of those who don’t exactly know what they are doing but find it fun anyway…” as they put it themselves. Anyone (no matter the skill level) can join in and put together their own electronics. You can usually get help with your project, or at least meet a group of people who share your frustrations. “Not everyone is good at tinkering with electronics,” as they put it, “but having a cosy time,…

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Max meetup

This meetup is a monthly, recurring meetup for users of the Max / MSP / Jitter programming platform. The meetup is a platform for people who to shair their work and ideas in Max/MSP/Jitter, which is the most exciting way of learning more: To see how other people use the tools available and what they end up putting together. This meetup is going to be virtual. Feel free to join at meet.jit.si/notam-max-meetup

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SuperCollider meetup

SuperCollider is an open source framework for audio synthesis and algorithmic composition. SuperCollider is useful for many things: Algorithmic composition, generative music, all things computer music, livecode performances, in conjunction with microcontrollers and sensors, for installation work, multi channel work, dsp, research, ambisonics or simply sound hacking. Oslo has a very friendly and open community of SuperCollider users that gather each month for a SuperCollider meetup at NOTAM. People of all skill levels and backgrounds are welcome and quite often…

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The Spatial Audio Salon

The spatial audio scene in Norway is a vibrant one with artists exploring the creative potential of multi channel audio in many different ways. To help everyone push the boundaries in this field, the Spatial Audio Salon is a monthly meetup putting many of these spatial audio creatives in one room to explore techniques, workflows, aesthetics, ideas and sounds involving multi channel audio. Note: The Spatial Audio Salon is technology agnostic, meaning all workflows, technologies and platforms are welcome. The…

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