A meetup is a recurring meeting exploring a certain subject. It is something halfway between a workshop and a casual hangout. It is in short a community organized meeting where people who share the same interest can gather, share their knowledge, ideas and frustrations and inspire each other.

Contrary to a traditional course or workshop, a meetup’s contents are usually defined by it’s participants and there is no teacher. It is in other words a distributed responsibility.

Here at Notam we have a few different meetup groups (and we are always interested in hosting more).

Do you have an idea for a meetup?

Starting a meetup group is easy: Decide on an appropriate subject, find one or more people interested in that subject and set a date. That’s it.

We are always interested in hosting more meetups. We can supply you with the space and a bit of help in spreading the word about your meetup. If you have an idea for one, please fill out the form below.

Code of Conduct

All community events at Notam fall under the Berlin Code of Conduct to make them as inclusive as possible. Please follow the link and read the full Code of Conduct before joining an event.