The Studio collective

Photo: Mads Kjeldgaard

Apart from our own studios, NOTAM rents out office and studio space to 9 independent tenants.

The tenants constitute a co-working space where cross-disciplinary exchange of knowledge can happen in parallel with daily work. Notam administrates the co-working space, and strives to ensure a spread of disciplines, genres, age and gender.

One office is financed by the Union of Norwegian Composers, whose members have emptive rights to use the working space for free, by appointment.

Current tenantes are:

  • Torgny Amdam
  • Hilde Marie Holsen
  • Plosiv
  • Kate Pendry
  • Magnus Bugge
  • Tord Ketilson Øverland
  • Knut Olaf Sunde
  • Hild Borchgrevink