Workshops for advanced users

Curtis Roads visiting Notam

NOTAM offers in depth workshops covering various subjects and taught by international experts. We call these advanced workshops and they are typically one week full time courses offering deep knowledge and experience in a certain area of expertise.

The workshop series is a collaboration between Notam (Norwegian Center for Technology in Music and Art) and BEK (Bergen Centre for Electronic Arts). The workshop series is supported by the Norwegian Cultural Council.

Examples of previous workshops include Curtis Roads teaching microsound, Joseph Anderson on ambisonics, Thibaut Carpentier on Spat.

Next workshops

Machine Learning For Sound-Makers

February 17.-21. 2020
Luke Fischbeck
Listening Through: Machine Learning For Sound-Makers.
Place: BEK (Bergen Centre for Electronic Arts).

A workshop exploring the current state of machine learning techniques for working creatively with audio. As a set of approaches for predictive patternmatching, classifying, categorizing, translating, generating, etc., machine learning has been applied to everything from captions to gestures to maps to MIDI. Audio, with its intensely complex set of perceptual and contextual resonances, provides a tricky and illuminating challenge for machine learning. The focus of this workshop will be on identifying the poetic possibilities inherent to this set of approaches, with the goal of initiating our own creative projects.

Read more about the workshop here:
Listening Through: Machine Learning For Sound-Makers.


December 2 – 6, 2019
Diemo Schwarz (IRCAM)
Sound processing with IRCAM MuBu.
Place: Notam (Norwegian Center for Technology in Music and Art).

MuBu is a highly advanced signal processing, analysis, machine learning and audio synthesis tool in Max. MuBu is one of the most comprehensive audio processing tools available today, and can be used in everything from composition, sound design, live performance and improvisation to interactive installations and dance. The workshop will contain a mixture of practical work, guidance and lectures.

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