Modular workshop with Terje Winther

Join a workshop with BandOrg where you will create two very exciting modules; Rampage DIY Kit from Befaco and DIY Polyvox VCF II from Erica synths.

About the modules:

Befaco – Rampage DIY Kit – big double version of VC slew limiter with many additional features. Trigging, delay, modulation, envelope, oscillation, distortion, filtering, all in one module.

Erica synths – DIY Polyvox VCF II – Erica Synths delivers high-end modules with unique functionality. Polivoks VCF II is one of the most authentic sounding emulsions of the filter in the famous Russian synth, Formanta Radio Factory Polivoks. This is an original filter with a very interesting sound.

Terje Winther
The workshop is led by synthguru Terje Winther, with a long experience with synthesizers, soldering and instrument building. He plays in the band WintherStormer with which he has toured Europe alongside synths and samplers. Terje has held several construction workshops earlier.

What do you have to bring?
For soldering, you will need either a soldering iron or soldering station (25-60 watts). The tip should not be too big (chisel tip recommended). Also, bring the pliers, bite rod, (wipe rod if you have), wrench, a star screwdriver and flat screwdriver.

Place and time

Notam 23-24. September 2017, 10AM – 5PM both days.

Price and registration
The participant fee is only NOK 3 700,- (per person). Included in the price are two fantastic synth modules. You also get valuable knowledge about synths and learn useful skills that will enable you to tackle new construction projects. You sign up via the sign-up form on this page. Enrolment is financially binding. The registration deadline is Monday, 18 September.