22/11: Electric Audio Unit

Electric Audio Unit (EAU) is an electro-acoustic music group consisting of Anders Vinjar, Natasha Barrett and Anders Tveit. They have arranged several successful concerts at Sentralen during 2016. Next concert is held in the Sentralen’s Gymsal on the 11/22 at 7:30pm.

The concert will be performed by their “Virtualmonium”, a virtual speaker orchestra developed by Natasha Barrett and Anders Tveit.

The concert gives the premiere of Koka Nikoladze’s “Ritual for a 3D printer”, which we are looking forward to experience in its entirety. We get to experience the classics “Chiaroscuro” (1987) by the legend Francis Dhomont, and “Klang” (1982) by Jonty Harrison. Åke Parmerud‘s “Raw” (2013), is a 24 track crowd favorite from Echo Festival in 2014.

Program in full:

Jonty Harrison: “Klang” (1996)
Monique Jean: “A Farewell to SOS” (1997)
Ambrose Field: “Storm” (excerpt) (2006)
Francis Dhomont “Chiaroscuro” (1987)
Koka Nikoladze: “Ritual for a 3D printer” (urfr.)
Elizabeth Anderson: “L’Heure Bleue” (2016)
Åke Parmerud: “Raw” (2012)


Facebook event

Next concert will be on the 12/10, 5:30pm in Sentralen’s Marmorhall. On the program you will find Anders Vinjar’s “Oppspent line” (1993), Natasha Barrett’s “Allure & Hoodwink” (2014), Roxanne Turcotte’s “Mères et monde” (2003) and Anders Tveit’s “Diatese” (2016). The entire program will be released shortly.

EAU on facebook

Video with EAU from their visit and performance at INA/GRM in October:

Electric Audio Unit (EAU) is a Norwegian electroacoustic music group specialising in immersive spatial audio concerts, cutting edge 3D experiences and spatialisation performance. EAU performs works from around the world, commissions new composers and gives workshops and masterclasses.