23 april: Amputation (Directors Cut)

On the 29th of April 2016 House Of Mythology will release Stian Westerhus´ new album Amputation.
To mark this Stian has set up a very exclusive presentation of the album in Notam’s new multichannel studio, Sirius.

Nothing less than 24 A/D converters, 24 amplifiers and just as many speakers – all carefully aligned in a specially built room – are needed to play this “directors cut“ of Amputation, and it can only be played back from his own personal custom studio system!

As much an arts installation as a concert, this is a re-composed grand electronic work that will take you literally to the inside of Westerhus´ new album and musical mind.

Due to the technical demands of this installation there are only 9 tickets available for each run. The tickets are sold on a first come – first served basis.

There will be a short introduction by the artist.

RUNS – 23.04.16 – TIMES: