An exhibition at ROM by Natasha Barett 11.11.11 – 11.12.11

Rocks meet sound, geology meets art, the science of rock deformation meets interactive 3D space

Aftershock is the result of the collaboration between composer and sound-artist Natasha Barrett and professor of geology Karen Mair and Norwegian centre of excellence the Physics of Geological Processes (PGP). At PGP, research helps us understand the patterns and processes of the Earth. Through collaboration, experimentation and abstraction, these processes shape the elements of Aftershock.

In Aftershock the listener can experience the dynamics of rock deformation from its “inside”. In four spatial-sound works, from real-time ultrasonic cracking to interactive 3D sound-art, Aftershock develops patterns and processes in physical and temporal space, unfolding through the interlinked zones of the exhibition room.

ROM is wired up with ultrasonic microphones amplifying nature in process, wireless headphones and motion tracking for audience interaction, 3D ambisonics sound projected over loudspeakers, real-time video manipulation and miniature loudspeaker arrays.

Opens Friday November 11th at 19:00
Live performance by Natasha Barrett.

The project is supported by:

PGP: Norwegian centre of excellence the Physics of Geological Processes
Arts Council Norway
Norsk Musikkfond
FFUK: Fond For Utøvende Kunstnere
Notam: Norwegian Center for Technology in Music and the Arts

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