Electronics workshop: AZKI PUNK CONSOLE with Rehab Hazgui (cancelled)

Time: 14th of March, 13.00-17.00

Place: Notam,Sandakerveien 24D, building F3, 0473 Oslo, Norge

Price: 45 euros (including workshop materials and everything needed to build the Azki Punk Console).

Registration: feks@konsertforeninga.no

The Tunesian artist and designer Rehab Hazgui will be visiting Notam to host a workshop in electronics.

Based on an experimental approach, participants will be guided through the design and production of a voltage-controlled oscillator while manipulating the incoming electricity and interpreting it as sound harmonies or dissonances. Using electricity as the only conceptual material, participants will explore the sound potential of electrical flow, while creating fluid instruments that fit their individual practices and preferences. The workshop will end with a collective “sound performance” using newly constructed instruments.

This workshop led by Rehab Hazgui explores the historic sound generator designed by Forrest M. Mims in 1980. The Azki Punk console generates characteristic square wave sounds and retro tones that will be familiar to anyone who grew up with the first consoles games.

During this workshop, participants will be asked to build their own electronic instruments, experiment with analog control interfaces, play together and take their own console with them. You will familiarize yourself with basic electronic tools, soldering irons and multimeters. No electronics experience is necessary.

The workshop is done in collaboration with WoNoMute and the F/ eks concert series.

About Rehab Hazgui

Rehab (b.Tunisian) is a transdiciplinary Designer and Artist who functions in-between community leadership & research with a core in the arts and in artistic methods. She has been actively producing community-base initiatives to explore the digital creation technologies and DIWO (Do It With Others) culture with considering Art, Science and Technology as a medium of citizen action in Tunisia. Since the past 6 years, she is interested in learning opportunities related to facilitation, organizational and participatory practices of engaging in one’s community and the different economies involved. Her collaborative activities with the local community involved her as a founder of El Fabrika, a Tunisian platform for experimental arts, alternatif design, research and activism.

In her work, Rehab explores experimental electronics and biohacking through electromechanical sound installations and Live performances involving modular synthesizers and handmade audio devices. Her art work interests, which are located in the cross section of art-technology-science,
include practice based investigations into a combination of technology, biology, experimental electronics and philosophical questions concerning technological manipulation of living matter.

The research engages with the fields of : art & science, biotechnologies, electronics, and music technology in connection to art, humans, non-humans, and society. Additionally to research work, the outcome of the research is in a form of process-based and participatory installations,
programmed conceptual structures and workshops for adults and kids.

What to bring

Participant are asked to bring:
– 9V Battery 
– A wooden box / Jar to house the Azki Punk Console

Photo: Iiris Heikka