Are you between 15 – 25 years old and interested in music and technology?

In that case, we are pleased to announce that Notam is holding three courses in studio production for young people: Recording, Mixing and Mastering, in collaboration with Oslo Public Library, Deichmanske during fall and winter 2017.

Course 1 – Recording. Saturday 28 October 11:00 – 15:00 at Oslo Public Library, Deichmanske, Hovedbiblioteket.
Here you get an introduction to the most common microphone types, and strengths and weaknesses in different recording situations. In addition, you will learn more about different stereo techniques, the relationship between direct audio and acoustics in the room where you record, miking and recording of the various instruments.

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Course 2 – Mixing. Date not yet set, at Notam.
This course you will learn about recordings with different types of material, such as pop and rock, sinfonetta, choir and solo instruments. You will also, among other things, get an introduction to good strategies for organizing the audio material in preparation for the mix.

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Course 3 – Mastering. Date not yet set, at Notam.
Mastering consists mainly of two parts: How to prepare the sound of the material and how to format the files so that they work optimally on the platforms they are publishing.

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Welcome to Deichman and Notam!
Poster by Selma Benmalek.