Kjell Samkopf: Uninterrupted Sustained Attentive Listening

in 2017 Kjell Samkopf organizes under the heading USAL  a series of house concerts in which he will present a selection of his sonological works. A limited number of listeners (preferably not more than 20), gather in a room where auditory and visual distractions are sought minimized. Under the guidance of the composer we listen through a sonic piece in its entirety, with headphones. Duration: ca. two hours.


• An introduction by the composer (approximately 15 minutes)
• Adjusting the listening level
• about 5 minutes of silence
• Attentive listening with headphones to a sonic piece
(Duration 50 to 80 minutes)
• about 5 minutes of silence
• Possibility of a brief summary, questions to the artist

After the audience has itself well installed, Samkopf gives a short presentation of today’s work and share some perspectives on our ability and possibility to listen, and challenges related to our attention. Throughout a long life we develop our listening towards a habit controlled action (even though very few of us like to admit it). Breaking this habit requires an effort. Just as visual art gives us an opportunity to develop our ability to see, sound art gives us an opportunity to develop our ability to listen.
The attendants are encouraged to bring their favorite headphones.

Spring program – Biermannsgården, Maridalsveien 78, Oslo

March 13 Mårådalen Walk (1994) (56 min.)
April 24th Mountain Listening (1996) (58 min.)
May 8 Burragorangian Stones (2003/2011) (79 min.)
June 1 Studie i å spille for kråkene (Study to play for crows) (2014) (60 min.)

Start: 7:00 p.m. (doors open half an hour earlier, light refreshments)
Tickets kr. 100, or, ticket + CD kr. 200 (recommended).


USALS concerts are supported by the Norwegian Society of Composers and are organized by Kjell Samkopf in cooperation with Drivhuset/bibrobon concert series.

Photo by Lisbeth Risnes