Resident artists presentations: New Technology and the Post-Human

29th of March 13pm – 15pm  at Notam

From late March, David Blandy & Larry Achiampong will be leading a month-long residency initiated by the organization PRAKSIS. In addition to Blandy and Achiampong, the artists Maren Dagny Juell Kristensen (NO), Eli Maria Lundgaard (NO), Tonje Alice Madsen (NO), Martina Petrelli (CA/IT), Marit Pethsiri Silsand (NO) and Gary Zhexi Zhang (UK) will work alongside one another during the project.

This Tuesday, all of them will be presenting their practises. They will spend 10 minutes each, followed by questions and answers by the audience.

Notam will serve tea and biscuits.

Where: Notam, Sandakerveien 24D, Bygg F3

The residency is hosted by PRAKSIS and co-hosted by Notam, Atelier Nord og PNEK.The artists will take residence (amongst other places) in Notam and take use of our facilities. In connection with the residency, several events will take place at Notam and at Atelier Nord ANX.