LavTerskelTekno 23/2

The last few months, Hallvard Müller has been working in the Notam projectroom.
He has used the DAW Ableton Live, and day by day, step by step learned himself a new craft: techno!

He starts a workshop at Notam where techno fans are going to meet and work side by side, exchanging experiences, learn from each other’s excellence, errors and omissions and hopefully uncover unexpected aspects of this kind of music making.

Whatever software you use, or whether you are hardware based, if you use one or more gadgets that make sound-timbre or bonk-bonk sounds, whether you’re new or more experienced is fully open. This is going to be fun.

Bring earphones. We also set up a mixer and speakers so you all can listen to things together.

Thursday 23 February 7pm at Notam!

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