Lullaby Oslo 12. – 15. of September

Welcome to a unique sound installation with voices and soundscapes from Bydel Alna in Oslo. The British-Indian singer and composer Supriya Nagarajan has been travelling around in Oslo with her “Lullaby Booth” recording lullabies from different cultures. At Ultima the result is presented in a sound installation at Furuset library and activity house.

Opening hours for the installation:
12 September (opening): 12 – 18 pm
13 September 10am – 18 pm
14 September 10am – 18pm
15 September 10am- 16pm

15th September at 6-8pm

At Oslo cultural night you can hear Nagarajan and sound artist Duncan Chapman in a concert with lullabies from around the world, mixed with soundscapes of nature and citylife. Haugerud Strykeorkester will perform a piece specially composed for them by Supriya Nagarajan.
With Supriya Nagarajan, Duncan Chapman and Haugerud Strykeorkester conducted by Mari Ystanes Fjeldstad.
In collaboration with Haugerud string orchestra, Notam and Furuset library and activity house.