Lecture 3

Control assignment for the tutorial Encapsulation

We move on to the Encapsulation tutorial. The Movie Playback and Movie Sequencing tutorials uses the iMovie object to play Apple QuickTime videos. This is an old object, and most of the work with video in Max is now done with Jitter. The Movie Sequencing tutorial still introduces two objects that is worth looking at; loadbang and umenu.

In the tutorial Encapsulation we will organise patches by encapsulating them into so-called subpatches. We will also look at how to use the so-called Encapsulate function.

Go through the tutorial Encapsulation and the corresponding tutorial patch.If there are points that you don’t understand by the first reading, go back and repeat. If there are objects where you are unsure of the function, read the reference or help file for the object.

Work through the different parts of the patch, and make sure that you understand how all the different parts function. When ready, proceed to the assignment.

Assignment 12

Save the patch “14mEncapsulation” with a new name, for instance “my_tutorial_14″.

12.1 Encapsulate the part that has been marked with “Encapsulate from here -> to here” using the Encapsulate function from the edit-menu.

12.2 Create a subpatch and call it “calculation”. The subpatch should be able to deal with floating point numbers, and contain the following equation:

Functions and objects introduced in this tutorial: