Electronic workshops this spring

Dans for Voksne starts the year with another «Mekkeklubb»! Anyone can come and assemble their own electronics regardless of the level of ambition and knowledge. It’s completely free and you usually get help or at least full understanding if you get stuck with something. Nothing is stupid enough to rise eyebrows. Not everyone here is equally good at mekking (fixing electronic stuff), but everyone can have fun.

At the mekkeklubb you will usually find the tools you need: soldering irons, pliers and such. And there are some components that you can take in exchange of leaving what the parts cost. What you pay only goes to buy more components.

You can build things from scratch or you can bring something you want to mod or repair. But nobody does the job for you, assa!

This spring the mekkeklubb will be on every third Monday:

1501, 0502, 2602, 1903, 0904, 3004, 2105, 1106.

We start at 19 o’clock all day and continue until we do not bother anymore. Usually sometime between 23 and 24. Notam is located at Myren, on the western side of Akerselva (the river). Follow the footpath south from Bentsebrua or north from Vøyenbrua. The entrance is located inside the corner before the Norwegian Chess Association.

Text from https://www.facebook.com/events/395057170952555/