Notam Nights

This June we are starting up a brand new concept here at Notam – Notam Nights. 

Notam Nights is a series of quarterly events, where we will present concerts, artist talks, seminars, film screenings, performances and more.

The first edition of Notam Nights will take place on June 6th, and the program will be as follows:

  • 18:00 – Presentation: DON’T MENTION HIP! by Torgny Amdam
  • 19:00 – CD-release of HEARBARICUM FIELDS, and artist talk with Ewa Jacobsson in conversation with Hild Borchgrevink and Eivind Slettemeås
  • 20:00 – CrippleWolf performance by Kate Pendry and Audun Aschim

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About the presentation “DON’T MENTION HIP!”  by Torgny Amdam

What makes something “hip” or someone “hip”? Why is the term “hipster” often used derogatorily, and why are some people so infinitely more cool than others? What is the difference between hip and cool? In this presentation, Torgny Amdam will take a closer look at the history of hipness, and explore «hip» as a driving force in our culture.

About Torgny Amdam:

Amdam has a background as a vocalist in different hardcore bands, particularly as the frontman in Amulet. Since 2010, Amdam has performed as a solo artist under the name Torgny. Amdam also works as a film and theater composer, and has written for films such as «Thelma» and «Oslo, 31 August», as well as the plays «Tvillingenes Dagbok» and «Kunst». In addition, he is the host of the TONO podcast “Making Music”. Amdam has a degree in media studies from the University of Oslo, where he wrote about the IKEA catalog and ideology.








Photo: Christian Olstad

About the CD-release of HEARBARICUM FIELDS with Ewa Jacobsson

“HEARBARICUM FIELDS” the album, is a compilation of Jacobssons works “Hearbaricum Fields” and “Jarring Sounds”. Both works first premiered in the Marble Hall at Sentralen in September 2019. The works have been re-composed for the CD medium and setting.

This evening at Notam we are celebrating the release of the album with an artist talk with Jacobsson, Hild Borchgrevink and Eivind Slettemeås along with a presentation of a “kammermusikalsk objekt med filmprojisering”.

Event photo for Notam Nights is a still from «Labyrinthic Explanation II» by Ewa Jacobsson.

About Ewa Jacobsson:

Jacobsson has made field recordings since the early 80s and combines electro acoustic composition with visual objects with sound sources. She uses materials as marzipan, electronic waste, things that rot, oil, steel, wire, the acoustics of the actual space and processed sound for ambisonic. Jacobsson´s use of objects and what they might suggest changes the way of listening, and field recordings from 40 years back and until today is used as a hidden index of sound; a library with shadows of time in combination with new recordings and visual objects wiht sound sources and their acoustics.

Her work includes site-specific installations with sound and visual objects with sound sources, photo, drawings, painting, film, also involving musicians. Jacobsson has participated in exhibitions, concert spaces, festivals and in other contexts, including works for public spaces or participatory works. She was a part of the European scene for experimental music and performance and met masters like Ben Patterson, Alison Knowles, Carolee Schnemann, Eric Andersen, Paul Panhuysen, Joseph Juhasz, Peter Cusack, Kaffe Mathews, John Rose, Irma Optimist.








Photo: Still from «Labyrinthic Explanation II» by Ewa Jacobsson


About CrippleWolf with Kate Pendry and Audun Aschim

Kate Pendry and Audun Aschim ride Ibsen’s most darkly erotic and supernatural play: Little Eyolf in this sprechen-sang experimental performance.

While taking inspiration from contemporary music, rock, film music and experimental jazz, and using biometric data and experimental vocal techniques, the duo draw from the core of Ibsen’s supernatural universe, bringing the gothic and upper middle class into the mix, ground through a unique palette of expression.

The music can perhaps be described as a sonic avant-garde film in a dark dreamscape, with a hint of Sergeant Pepper and Disney+.

About the performers:

Kate Pendry is an award-winning actress and playwright from London, based in Oslo. Her work is characterised by dark humour and a red thread of sceptical social commentary.

Audun Aschim is a prolific composer and musician who works in film, theatre and performance. His sophomore album The Head Trip of Liminal Spaces will be released in 2024.

Pendry and Aschim have collaborated as a performance duo, and librettist/composer for ten years. The themes they have worked with include (but are not limited to), Ibsen, Donald Trump’s (first) inauguration and the Viking ‘blöt’ rituals. They are currently working together with Jos Repertory Theatre in Nigeria on an avant garde radio adaptation of Ibsen’s A Master Builder in Pidgen English.

Press reviews for CrippleWolf:

“Pendry and Aschim have transformed Ibsen’s 1894 classic into a modern-day masterpiece. Through their minimalist approach, they distilled the essence of the original work while infusing it with a contemporary sensibility. The result was a theatrical experience that was both timeless and timely, resonating with audiences across cultures and generations.” The Sun – Nigeria.

“Revolutionary and provocative …”











Photo: Magnus Skrede