Notam’s new project room

Finally, our brand new project room is available.

Notam’s new project room is a is a multi-purpose room, and is suitable for production of dance, building of installations, chamber music, electronic music and band practice. The room can also be used for smaller concerts and performances.

Notam’s project room is approximately 50 m2, with a floating floor. It has been acoustically treated, and is equipped with a sound system and stage lighting.

If you want to rent Notam’s new project room, you can contact us at admin(at)

Specs for Notam‘s project room: 

  • 50 m2 (9 x 6 m)
  • Ceiling height: 3 
  • Ceiling grid for lights and sound
  • Acoustically treated and isolated 
  • Light wall colors, but can be blacked out

Included in the rent: 

  • Technical support by need
  • Stereo PA: l´acoustique 108p with sub. Other arrangements can be made if necessary.
  • Mixer size is agreed as required
  • Microphones are agreed as needed
  • Light: Basic package of 3 xbaby fresnels, 2 xbaby color and light control in Tempo 12
  • Projector
  • 25 chairs / 8 folding tables


  • 1 week: 15.000,- NOK
  • 24 hours: 2.800,- NOK