November projects @ Notam

A lot is happening in our studios. Among projects that are underway, we want to mention a few:
Knut Olaf Sunde is in the mix of “Comfort Music“, performed by Aksiom under Ultima Oslo Contemporary Festival in 2015.
Sunniva Rødland works with her continually developing version of John Cage‘s “Postcard from Heaven” (1982) for 1-20 harps, and is also in the mix of her and Erik Dæhlin’s “Vortex Room” (2016).
Bodil Furu has been working on the sound for her latest movie.
Ragnhild Berstad has mixed “Requiem – underveis” in Nordheim, recordings from the première in Fagerborg Church during the Church Music Festival in 2012. The work is for choir with soloists, glass instruments, woodwinds, string ensemble, recordings of glass and electronics, performed by Grete Pedersen/ Norwegian Soloists and musicians. Berstad worked back then with the electronic parts of the piece at Notam, and Cato helped and made recordings. More about the piece here and at the national broadcasting company (NRK), as well as their program about a new piece which premiered at Ultima: “xtendö” (2016).
Cato otherwise works with most of the studio projects. He is about to book some studio time to mix pieces for Sirius as reference for use in the house.
More about the individual projects coming soon!