Pedalworkshop 05-06 november

BandOrg invites You to an innovative pedal workshop where you can build FORM, an outstanding pedal developed and manufactured exclusively for BandOrg. We at the office have built many pedals and tested even more pedals from well known and unknown manufacturers in recent years. After playing with each of our beta versions of FORM on various instruments, we can report this glitches, simulates tape, and more. At the height of the best we have tried. FORM will be left on the pedal board!

About FORM
FORM is a programmable effect pedal developed, manufactured and encoded by Pladask Elektrisk from Bergen. The pedal is based on SpinSemi`s Reverbchip FV-1, which you will find in a range of fine pedals from foreign pedalists such as Old Blood Noise Endeavors, Dr. Scientist, Earthquaker Devices, Mr. Black, Red Panda, Hologram Electronics, Cooper Fx , Catlinbread et al. FORM has eight programs: Ring Modulator, Random Vibrato, Tape Delay Simulator, Texture Reverb, Octave Generator Delay, Reverse Delay, Grain Shuffler and Granular Time Stretch. The pedal building workshop lasts two days, building both the pedals and a brief introduction to the possibilities for programming their own effects in the pedal. FORM is only available through BandOrg’s pedal-building workshops in Bergen, Stavanger, Oslo and Trondheim. Choose in which city you wish to attend and sign up for the course in the registration form below. Note only 10 places per. city!
Compared with our course series with Pladask Elektrisk in 2016, you must have some knowledge of soldering and music electronics at this course.

Pladask Elektrisk?
Pladask Elektrisk is a pedal workshop from Bergen, operated by Knut Olai Mjøs Helle. Knut Olai is an educated music technician from NTNU and has produced pedals under the company name Pladask Elektrisk since 2014. The common names of his pedals are a love for unorthodox sound manipulation and space for experimentation. The power pedals are produced by hand in Bergen.

What do you have to bring?
The circuit of FORM involves complicated soldering. It is therefore necessary that you have soldering experience from earlier. You must bring your own solder station. The tip should not be too big (chisel tip recommended). Also, bring the pliers, bite rod, (wipe rod if you have), wrench, a star screwdriver and flat screwdriver.

Place and time
Oslo (Notam) 04-05 November, 10-16.

Price and registration
The participant fee is NOK 2000 (per person per workshop). You sign up via a link to BandOrg’s registration form here. Enrollment is financially binding. Registration deadline is Monday before the current day of the workshop to attend.