Precision Pulse Engine

PPE is a program for realtime production of techno music, inspired by Rebirth. It runs only on SGI machines.


PPE features two synths reminiscent of  TR303, a drum machine with TR808 and TR909 samples, a generic sampler and various filters, delays, etc.

The sequences (patterns) are edited graphically. Pattern can be put together to create songs, and there are some possibilities for parameter automation.

How is the program useful?

There are some people who happen to think that techno music is both useful and fun.

How does the program work?

PPE performs a realtime emulation of analog modules, such as oscillators, filters and envelope generators.
Please note, however, that PPE is a relatively unambitious and incomplete program. Use at own risk, both technologically and aesthetically.


PPE is designed and programmed by Øyvind Hammer.

Precision Pulse Engine screenshot
Precision Pulse Engine screenshot