Design: Jøran Rudi
Programming: Øyvind Hammer
Further development by: Arne Morken, Vegard Sandvold and Kjetil Matheussen
Web page: http://archive.notam02.no/DSP02/en/

Software for young composers

DSP02 is a composition and audio processing program for young users, which run on any computer. The latest version was published in 2003 and is still exenstively in use because of its many qualities. In addition to the possibility of creating music, the associated site contains texts, images and music examples, and explains some of what earlier has been done within the field of electronic music. You will also find links to support programs, for example enabling audio recordings to further process in DSP02 with effects, filters or mixing with different sounds.

Download DSP02 on this page

The program makes it easy to compose electronic music on individual levels, through editing and processing of recorded or synthetic sound. The program builds on a model of a non-linear, learner-centered process, where users through their own creative activity find issues which they cooperate with each other and/or workshop leaders to solve. The program counts the users’ creativity as more important than fulfilling fixed rules in the early phase of composing.

DSP02 is easy to use and requires no pre-knowledge in music or in use of computers. The program is aimed for use in schools, primarily from the 5th to 10th grades.

The program provides input to thinking about sound, work with sound engineering, understanding of electronic music and it offers many opportunities for creative thinking. DSP stands for Digital Signal Processing. This also takes place in conjunction with other signals than sound. When working with sound one can have an experience of what happens to the signal – a sensoric and also measurable mathematical process. The program’s page contains suggestions for how the program can be used in teaching in the subjects music, language, mathematics and social studies according to the current Norwegian curriculum, and proposals for tasks and materials.

The program works with both audio and algorithmic representations of sound. The audio files are drawn as graphic characters on the screen. The program has features such as:

Audio editing
FM synthesis
tring synthesis
dditive synthesis
pectral sieve
pectrum shift
Ring modulation

The mixer window contains the soundtrack, volume lever, buttons for turning on and off the volume and panning, rewind options, text field to give the composition a name, marker that shows where you are in the composition, the option to turn on/off each track, toolbar with menus, audio and file management, and the choice of changing the length of the composition’s window, and add-ons for sound editing and sound processing.

DSP02 is designed by Jøran Rudi, programmed by Øyvind Hammer, and migrated to the new GUI by Arne Morken, Vegard Sandvold and Kjetil Matheussen. A complete list of contributors is found here.
The program makes use of Jsyn from Softsynth.