Date: 2011-16
Place: Notam and Atelier Nord ANX
Musicians: Åse/Strønen Duo, Bjørn Thevik, Lasse Passage, Jøran Rudi, Lemur, Victoria Johnson, BRAK RUG, Tine Surel, Nicolas Bernier, WeDoMagic, Rubén Patiño, Mariano Bulligan/Ida Helene Heidel, Yurodny, Lucio Capece, Harald Fetveit, Giuliano Obici, Heloisa Amaral, Karin Hellquist, Parallax, Anders Tveit, Hilde Marie Holsen, 1982, Anders Førisdal, Frevo, Annette Krebs, Sgrow, Tøyen fil og klafferi, Nicolas Bernier, Agnes Hvizdalek.
Role: Producer
Collaborators: Atelier Nord, PNEK
Supported by: Cultural council of Norway


“Lydmyren” was Notam’s concert series through the years 2011-16. The main purpose was to be an arena for dissemination of technology based music in a wide variety of styles and genres. The concerts were held here at Notam, at Atelier Nord ANX and Sound of Mu.

For more information about each and every one of the concerts, try a search in the archives.