Place: Online/Notam
Time: October-March
Supervisors: Thom Johansen, Notto Thelle, Asbjørn Flø, Magnus Bugge
Web solution: Notto Thelle
Credits: 10/3 points (Norwegian Academy of Music/ Oslo National Academy of Arts)


Max is a widely used programming environment for work with audio, video, sensor electronics, interaction design, installations and media art. This course includes programming, synthesis, signal processing and interactive use of video and graphics in Max. It starts each autumn and is followed on the internet, with close monitoring by our teachers. The tool used in the course is Max from Cycling ’74. The course’s main focus is technical coping & mastering.

The program is tailored for quick productions of complicated technical solutions and is easy to learn for non-developers. The course consists of exercises that provide both technical and theoretical specialization and include topics such as signal processing, synthesis, algorithms, data processing and user interfaces. The course has eight lectures with a number of assignments and a final assignment. Participants receive close monitoring and guidance over the internet throughout the course. There also are two workshops at Notam where the participants meet the supervisors and discuss tasks, solutions and ideas. The aim of the course is to give a thorough review of the program so that the participants can, after completing the course, produce their own solutions in Max.

Information about the course, variants of the course and registration.

The course was launched in 2010 and revised in 2012, 2015 and 2017. It is conducted both in Norwegian and English by students from bachelor to PhD level, as well as by active artists from all continents.