Rolf Borch: Rolf Borch plays Houvenaghel’s Organ

Clarinets: Rolf Borch
Composers: Johann Sebastian Bach, Max Reger, Giralamo Frescobaldi, Rolf Borch
Spund technician: Cato Langnes med assistanse av Magnus Bugge og Mariam Gviniashvili
Record company: Lab Label
Coverart: Monica Marcella. Photo: Geir Dokken. Design: Jonas Howden Sjøvaag

Clarinetist Rolf Borch meant “Houvenaghel’s Organ” was his debut as an organist. The record contains three classical organ works and a new work by Borch himself, all recorded exclusively with clarinets. The album was recorded and produced at Notam in collaboration with Cato Langnes. The polyphonic organ works are recorded track-by-track, with the different organ voices recorded on clarinets adapted the notated registry and the desired sound quality. Also certain phrases were recorded in several different clarinets, and later edited together to cover the organ’s registry.