Luca Forcucci: report

NOTAM / April 18 – May 5 2016
Luca Forcucci
The research and composition project at NOTAM (a collaboration with
Vandaler Forening) was based on the finalisation of two distinct works:
1) Three electroacoustic compositions developed during one year in San Francisco, South Africa and mixed in Oslo. The three pieces are
inspired by the sound of the body and a novel of the Swiss writer
Friedrich Durrenmatt. The three pieces are waiting for a label to be
2) A tool to play, in ambisonics, soundscapes in concert with the software Ableton Live. This project was achieved on an 8 channels system. However, the opportunity to develop on 24 channels was offered during my stay at NOTAM: a fantastic opportunity for future development. The tool is tested on tour in Brazil from May to July 2016. I had the pleasure to exchange ideas during discussions with all the members of NOTAM. I felt particularly at home by invigorating exchanges on soundscapes (including relevant literature), ambisonics strategies and technology, or invitations to concerts. I found the environment unique for his dedication to the artistic side first and then focussing on ideas promoting technology and innovation.
I was equally honoured to meet Norwegian composers and discover their music. In addition, it was my first time in this beautiful country, and although I spent a great deal of my time working on the projects, I had the wish to discover more of its legendary landscapes. It was an honour to have been invited to conduct my composition research at NOTAM. The team (Thom, Cato, Jøran, Notto and Astrid) made me feel the first day at home, and I take the opportunity to thank them all for the hospitality.