Scandinavian Supercollider Club

Do you want to learn SuperCollider or just become an even better sound hacker?

Sure you do – and there is simply no better way of doing that than by hanging out with like minded people.

For exactly this reason, Notam (the Norwegian Center for Technology in Music and the Arts) will be hosting a free, cozy and informal SuperCollider meetup every 2nd monday of the month in Oslo.

Everyone, no matter coding experience or background, is welcome to join us for these sessions of sonic shenanigans, code sharing, performances, workshops, talks, tutorials, debugging or helping each other get started or get further with SuperCollider.

All you have to bring is a laptop (We can even help you install and setup SuperCollider if you’ve never used it before or barely know what to use it for.)

About SuperCollider:
SuperCollider is an open source framework for audio synthesis and algorithmic composition. It’s one of the most popular and widely used programming languages for sound work and is available for free for all platforms – it can even be embedded on micro computers like the Raspberry Pi and Bela.

SuperCollider is useful for many things: Algorithmic composition, generative music, all things computer music, livecode performances, in conjunction with microcontrollers and sensors, for installation work, multi channel work, dsp, research, ambisonics or simply sound hacking.

About Skandinavisk SuperCollider Klubb
Dates for the fall/winter season of 2018/2019: 10/9, 8/10, 12/11, 10/12, 14/1
All meetups are free and start at 19.00.

Address: Sandakerveien 24D, bygg F3, 0473 Oslo, Norge

If you have any questions about the SuperCollider meetups, contact Mads Kjeldgaard at