5xEP release by Tommy Olsson

Sound artist Tommy Olsson has been working in Notams studio along with Cato this spring. He brought with him an extensive material in the form of tapes laced with sound, contributed by band members, self-produced 4-track tapes, some recordings of extremely noisy neighbors and more. All was digitized, further processed, worked on and mastered. The resulting music is “All The Dead Pilots” debut, one 5X12 “vinyl box: “Tonight, as all canceled Flights reach Their destinations”, which will be released this Saturday and celebrated with a 24-hour release party in Oslo, with kickoff Saturday at 12 at LYNX. For all we know, “Tonight” could be this Saturday, and later maybe every time you are listening to this pop/rock record. Buy and listen. Tommy Olsson hands out a piece this weekend and the audience is encouraged to follow. Find out everything that happens by following this trail:

LYNX in Frogner Park at 12: Refreshments
Tronsmo bookstore at 15: the sound artist responds to questions from Arvid Knutsen Skancke
Noplace at 17-02: Refreshments
Now, this may be the right time for another trip to Lynx? In any case, it is open until Sunday noon.

The event is a part of “MOToffentlighet”, an art event initiated by Kunstløftet and funded by the Arts Council. Read more:

LYNX 760



Exit wounds (Tommys text)