Student night at Notam

Notam invites students from composition and executive technology at NMH, academy students at KHiO and musicology at UiO for a meet-and-greet Friday 3 November at 6pm.


Notam’s director Christian Blom will present what and who we are, and explain how we assist artists who work (or want to work) with electronic media, experimental and exploratory technology, signal processing within visual or sound arts etc. What can we and our studios do for you? There will be a guided tour of our studios and facilities where selected works, some in development, are displayed. In this way we want to show the kind of work we do, get to know you and to tell more about what we have to offer to both students and professional artists.

The evening is also for socializing. We have invited students from three or four different faculties an there should be a good chance of meeting like-minded and interesting people you have not met before! We serve food and drinks.