Tape to Zero 2013

We are looking forward to this year´s  Tape to Zero that will be arranged the 18th  and 19th of april at  Nasjonal jazzscene. Tape to Zero is a mini-festival focused arround new conceptions of jazz, and is arranged by Kjetil Husebø and Terje Evensen.

Tape to Zero presents different musicians and projects with both electronic and acoustical soundscapes. The main idea is to present both known and unknown names, with new projects and unique musical expressions. The music is both experimental and challenging, but also more melodic and accessible. Visit their homepage tapetozero.no for updates!


Tape to Zero – dag 1 (Torsdag 18. april)
19.30: Bendik Hovik Kjeldsberg (solo)
20.15: Kjetil Husebø (solo)
21.30: Splashgirl with Stian Westerhus

Tape to Zero – dag 2 (Fredag 19. april)
19.30: Sea Change (Ellen A. W. Sunde)
20.15: Pd conception (Ingvo Clauder, Terje Evensen, Anders Tveit)
21.30: Stian Westerhus/Jan Bang/Erik Honoré
23.00: Leafcutter John