Winter Solstice 2017. Confusion of tongues

Notam collaborated with Vandaler Forening (Hanan Benammar, Mattias Cantzler, Morten Minothi Kristiansen, Aksel Høgenhaug, Garry Williams) and Edge of Wrong on Winter Solstice 2017. We were involved with engaging the composers and artists Francisco Lopez and Barbara Ellison. The event took place on December 16 in the Oxer Tower. (Also read about Fransisco Lopez here)


(Illustration: Vandaler’s event photo on facebook)
The other artists who participated were:
Greg Pope, Samvær Under Tilsün, Orange Cakes (Martin Palmer & Magdalena Manderlova), Magnus Oledal, Linda Bournane Engelberth, Kine Michelle Bruniera, Unnur Andrea Einarsdotti, Magnus Bugge, Camilla Dahl, Reality (Daniil Alexandrov and Zhenia Vasiliev), Dario Fariello & Håkon Lie, Lerin/Hystad, Gidsken Braadlie, Mission Abort (Marin Håskjold and Anette Gellein), POP Tektonism (Lykourgos Porfyris), Aksel Høgenhaug, Johan Söderström, Skiwi & Cocobutt (Jiska Huizing & Regine Stensæth Josefsen), Carnival Union Band, Magnus Sjöbleke, Office of thieves, HOTBOX (Morten Minothi Kristiansen and Kenneth Langas), Ulf Kristiansen, Joana Gelažyt, Peter Horneland, Frido Evers, Lisa Størseth Pettersen & Helene Kjær, Thomas Holme, Ingeborg Henriksen, Hadas Amster, Lena Marie Emrich, Ludmila Musielak, Hedda Amundsen, Janne Talstad, Dimitri Lurie, Kjersti Austdal, Christian Hennie, Tone Wolff Kalstad and Elin Glærum Haugland.

Photo by Morten Minothi Kristiansen

Winter Solstice is an art project and an arrangement that is organized annually by Vandaler Forening. They organize, conduct and organize art events, with a focus on experimental, time-based, collaborative and collective practices in relation to landscapes, public spaces and political issues.

Winter Solstice is a cross-disciplinary exhibition and event in Oslo that takes place on the year’s longest night, presenting a mix of established and new artists and a wealth of practices. There are art exhibitions, performances, concerts, poetry readings, plays and participating workshops throughout the night, and there is free food and entry. Since 2012, more than 130 artists and performers and about 1500 audiences have participated in the Winter Solstice.

The event is inspired by the Annual Avant Garde Festival in New York, initiated in 1963 by cellist and performance artist Charlotte Moorman, as well as pre-Christian pagan traditions such as Yule and Modranicht, the very origin of Christmas.
Vandalers supporters 2012-16 have been: Production Network for Electronic Art in Norway (PNEK), Dans For Voksne, Notam, Arts Council Norway, the Municipality of Oslo, OCA – and many volunteers.

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Barbaba Ellison. Photo by Zane Cerpina
Featured photo: Fransisco Lopez in concert. By Zane Cerpina