Workshops for advanced users: MuBu with Diemo Schwarz

Diemo Schwarz: Advanced sound processing with IRCAM MuBu.
December 2nd – 6th, 11:00 – 17:00
Place: Notam in Oslo

Price: 5000 NOK for all academic employees in 50% positions or more, free for all others. The course is produced in collaboration with BEK – Bergen Center for Electronic Art.

Diemo Schwarz is one of the main developers behind MuBu, a highly advanced toolkit for signal processing, analysis, machine learning and sound synthesis in Max. MuBu is some of the most comprehensive audio processing tools available today, and can be used in anything from composition, sound design, live performance and improvisation to interactive installations and dance. The workshop will contain a mix of practical work, supervision and lectures.

Diemo Schwarz is one of the foremost international experts on real-time analysis and synthesis of sound, and is affiliated with IRCAM (Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique/Musique) in Paris, France. Diemo Schwarz works both as a researcher and musician, combining improvised electronic music and his own gesture-controlled digital instrument.

The participants must have a good, basic understanding of Max to attend this Worshop. People with good skills in audio programming languages such as Super Collider, Csound, PD and CLM, will also benefit from this workshop.

MuBu (for “multi-buffer”) is a set of Max modules for real-time and off-line multimodal signal processing (audio and movement), machine learning, and granular, concatenative or additive sound synthesis. Using the multimodal MuBu container users can store, edit, and visualize different types of temporally synchronized channels: audio, spectra, sound descriptors, motion capture data, segmentation markers and MIDI scores. Simplified symbolic musical representations and parameters for synthesis and spatialization control can also be integrated.

MuBu integrates modules for interactive machine learning for recognition of sound or motion forms. MuBu also includes PiPo (Plugin Interface for Processing Objects) for signal analysis and processing.

MuBu is used in the areas of musical composition, sound design, live performance and improvisation, interactive installations, and dance. The workshop will be mainly devoted to presenting the technology and giving participants the chance to use it via “hands-on” sessions in order to acquire the skills necessary for creating compositions, installations, digital instruments and personalized creative tools.

More info on MuBu:

Schedule for the workshop

  • introduction + examples
  • basic concepts of MuBu (container, buffers, tracks, frames, matrices, editing)
  • granular synthesis
  • spatialised granular synthesis (multi-channel and ambisonics)
  • spectral+additive analysis/synthesis
  • sound analysis
  • musaicing
  • corpus-based concatenative synthesis: audio descriptors, catart
  • machine learning with MuBu (classification, gesture recognition and following)

Diemo Schwarz
Diemo Schwarz is researcher–developer at the Sound–Music–Movement Interaction (ISMM) team at Ircam, working on sound analysis and interactive corpus-based concatenative synthesis in multiple research and musical projects at the intersection between computer science, music technology, and audio-visual creation. He is also a performer of improvised electronic music on his own gesture-controlled digital instrument based on CataRT.

Practical information

Time: December 2nd – 6th, 11:00 – 17:00
Price: 5000,- NOK for all academic employees in 50% positions or more, free for all others.
Teacher: Diemo Schwarz
Language: English
Number of seats: 12
Location: Notam in Oslo
Registration: Now

For registration, send an email to with name, residence and email address as well as information about your background knowledge and motivation to take the course. We will then send you detailed information about payment, start-up and further follow-up.