Vortex Room

Monday the 18th and Tuesday the 19. april kl. 18 og 19:30

«Vortex Room» by Erik Dæhlin with Sunniva Rødland on harp

Blackbox, Medialabben, Academy of Fine Art. Fossveien 24, Grünerløkka map

The Vortex Room is an installation and a musical work that has melted together. The room is used as an aural and sculptural extension of the harp in a way that makes the room and the instrument fuse.

Each string of the harp ramifies into one speaker element, and together they form a big spiral construction in the middle of the room, which surrounds the audience and the instrumentalist. Her meeting with both the instrument and the piece happens thus somewhere between the harp’s strings and the room. The composition is created by the instrumentalist by the play itself and in the distribution of it in both time and space.

Two main ideas is behind Dæhlin and Rødland’s work: Transferring the pitches from the harp’s construction, to a parameter of the room, and mathematical formulas sourced from amongst others fluid dynamics, which describes how vortices and repeated patterns is formed and developed through time, with or without being affected by external forces.

Each performance lasts 40 minutes.

Cc 100,-

Students for free

NB: Only 15 seats per performance.

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Supported by the Arts Council Norway, Camac Harps France and FFUK

Illustration: Erik Dæhlin