Biekkakeahtes bálggis – ja nu ain

This audio book is a collaboration between the author Synnøve Persen and the composer John Persen. The poems are from the poetry collection biekkakeahtes bálggis by Synnøve Persen, while the music is from the instrumental work Et Cetera by John Persen. The poeems and the music are edited together without changing the original music or poetry.

The short poem stanzas are reminiscent of Sami yoik, but in a modernized form, whereas the music is based on a kind of Brazilian samba in minimalist style. The poems are recorded in the Sami language, with Norwegian and English translations in the CD booklet.

The text collection is edited into two main parts. The first part is a mixture of text and music. The text is broken up into small fragments of various lengths. The music consists of equality of small fragments of various lengths. Both text and music fragments are separated from each other with pauses of varying lengths, organized according to a mathematical number sequence. Both the text and music fragments are ordered by a fractal mathematical formula.

In the second part the text is presented as it appears in the book.

The collaboration is a further development of the soundscape John Persen composed for Synnøve Persen’s exhibition at the Sámi artist center in Karasjok in 2009.