Christian Blom: New director at Notam

Christian Blom will be Notam’s new CEO. He is a long time artist within the fields of technology-based music and art. Blom is now at the end of his artistic fellowship project at the Norwegian Academy of Music and wishes move forward from his own work to contribute from an overall perspective.

“- Notam is crucial for the field! To me, Notam was the first place I sought to create a base for my professional career after moving from Bergen in 2004. Notam is a flexible organization that takes care of its users in a thorough and adapted manner. I look forward to continuing this important work”, Blom says.

“Christian will provide Notam with a clear professional artistic profile, and is a leader with concrete aspirations for development projects and professional cooperation,” says the chairman of Notam, Jana Winderen.
The open position as general manager was announced in November 2016, and the employment process was terminated in March. He takes over the position from July 2017 when Notto Thelle’s fixed term ends.
“I am very pleased to be able to finish my work with the assurance that such a competent person will continue after me. He has a lot of visions, and I am confident that Notam will continue to be a spearhead in the cultural field. Notam houses an interdisciplinary environment that is perfect for Christian Blom”, says Thelle.
Christian Blom (born 1974) has been working 15 years as an independent artist and composer with notation, electronic sound, instrument building and kinetic sculpture. He has organizational experience from positions in the Norwegian Composers’ Association, the music and text committee in Tono, as editor of Parergon, teaching and selection work at the Norwegian Music College, as head of New Music Bergen and, for a busy start-up period, temporary CEO of BEK

From 2004 to 2010, Blom was a member of the artist collections Verdensteatret. Here he learned mechanics, programming and electronics as well as interdisciplinary composition. He himself describes the period as extended school, challenging the crossing between disciplinary boundaries and making you do things not already learned. Blom works alone and in collectives, the works are performed on World Music Days, Ircam, Empac, Shanghai Biennale, National Art Museum of China, Guangzhou Art Museum, Audio Art Festival Krakow, Lydgalleriet, Metamorf, PS122 New York, Ultima, Steirischer Herbst Theater Der Welt, the Philadelphia Live Arts Festival, Nordic Music Days and several other places. In 2014 he won the Edvard Prize in open category for Trio for Dancing Thread, Lightbulb and Bell with Damper. Blom has his formal compositional education from Bergen from the early 2000s, and has recently completed an artistic research project at Norway’s music college where he has researched strategies for transmedial composition.

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Photo: Ellen Ugelvik