Electroacoustic Lounge 1

A relaxed atmosphere, traditional Norwegian food and drink, and comfy chairs are keywords for the first of three electroacoustic lounges produced by NOTAM during this year’s Ultima festival. Music by Kjell Samkopf. Curated by Asbjørn Blokkum Flø.

Riksscenen, September 9, 2011 – 6:00 pm
Guest: Kjell Samkopf

The theme is the relationship between electronic music and found sound objects from nature. Composer and percussionist Kjell Samkopf’s unique ‘sonographic’ works are the main focus this evening. The concert also serves as a release party for Burragorangian Stones, the new CD with Samkopf’s music released on Mere Records.

The following works will be performed:

  • Mårådalen Walk (1993)
  • Taormina Sketches (2002)
  • Burragorangian Stones (2003)

The latter of these came about while Samkopf attended an art seminar in New South Wales, Australia in 2003, and consists of his recordings of the Burragorang landscape. They reflect the natural variations in the soundscape that occur during day and night, morning and evening, and wind, sun and rain. Pure nature interacting with the sound of passing aeroplanes, distant motorbikes, and the voices of the other seminar participants.

Before and after the concert there will be an opportunity to hear Mårådalen Fragments, a work for five loops from 1993. All the sounds were recorded during a ten-day camping trip in Mårådalen in Sjåk, and include sounds of different types of vegetation and of water, stone, trees, wind and the campsite. The loops vary in length, so that the landscape is continuously changing in minute ways.

Traditional Norwegian fare such as berries, ground coffee, cured meats with flatbread and sour cream, grilled mushrooms (John Cage is a mushroom specialist), blackcurrant toddy with or without alcohol will be served. The lounge is arranged in cooperation Ultima and Riksscenen.