Elin T. Sørensen: Sound walks

Elin T. Sørensen is a visual artist, landscape architect and doctorate student at the Faculty of Landscape and Society in Ås, and as part of her work there she has conducted a landscape study of Oslo’s harbour promenade. The study examines the coast – from coastline to underwater form. It includes two audio landscapes with graphical notation, multi-sensory/multi-voice analysis charts (see illustrations), and the audio collages below. She has made field recordings and later edited the material here at Notam, while Cato Langnes helped with mixing and mastering. The work is a work-in-process. Listen and download via these links:

o    Sound-walk#1 Oslo harbour promenade

Field recordings from Frognerkilen, Frognerstranda, Kongen Marina, Aker brygge – Western side of the harbour promenade, 12 October and 7 November 2017


o    Sound-walk#2 Oslo harbour promenade

Rådhusplassen, Vippetangen, Opera, Sørenga, Lohavn, Kongshavn – The eastern side of the harbour promenade, 9 and 11 November 2017