Endphase Workshop

Endphase is a laptop trio consisting of members Alberto Bernal, João Pais and Enrique Tomás. In their performances, the trio intends to surpass the traditional musical conceptions and to create an environment in which several ideas, concepts and approaches can be realized. On October 6 and 7, 2011, Endphase will create an installation and an intertwined concert at Ny Musikk, using the acoustic, social and architectural environment of the Ny Musikk office as sound and conceptual material.

Endphase often organize workshops in conjuction with installations and concerts, and on October 6 at 2 p.m. the trio will have a workshop at Notam. The workshop’s vantage point will be the installation and concert at Ny Musikk, and will feature both technical and aesthtetical issues that have surfaced during the week they have worked on the project in Norway. The workshop is a collaboration between Ny Musikk and Notam.

Thw workshop is open for everyone, and the registration fee is 150 kroner (100 kroner for students). Registration can be done by filling out the form below. It is also possible to register upon arrival if there are still available places. The fee can either be paid for via PayPal, or in cash upon entry.